About Me

Hi, I am Daria Norris and I reside in Philadelphia, PA. I have been a ColdFusion developer since 1996, getting my start in a corporate library where I developed a checkout system that evolved into a Competitive Intelligence search engine. I currently work with a remote development team on corporate and government web sites. My past work experience is with developing custom library applications for the Free Library of Philadelphia, as well as experience on a Knowledge Management application for an enterprise level organization. I have a passion making information easier to find and I plan to return to school to finish a double masters degree in Information Systems and Library Science.

Check out the Free Library of Philadelphia, a site that gets 20 million hits a month on average. My biggest project was the Digital Collections search engine, a catalog of 20K digital images from the library’s scholarly collections including medieval manuscripts, historical photographs, maps and more.

I’m passionate about continually challenging myself to learn new things. Besides ColdFusion, I’m interested in JQuery, Bootstrap, TSQL, Object Oriented Programming techniques, MVC, Framework One (FW/1), UML Modeling, Agile Development, Version Control, Unit Testing, automated deployment, and Big Data concepts.